okay, so as many of you know, i have another blog (Lulu and Lou) that i do with my best friend, Lou. she's a brilliant photographer, and recently set up a flickr account. this is a sneak peek of what you can find over there (yes, the girl with the short blonde hair is me and the other girl is Lou). but you really do have to go see all the pictures for yourself. go, take a look around!


  1. Love these pics, esp the one with the pug and the bubbles, too cute!

  2. awwe you blogged about me? You must be having a slow day haha. I'm glad you like that shower one, I absolutely adore it as well but I was always afraid it was a tad risque. And the girl above me said Ernee was cute, too!! :D

  3. i can daydream all day looking at the photos you post. love it =)



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