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i did a post titled "sweet sunday" in honor of my very sweet two year old friend, and we recently threw a little house party and invited her family. now, this sweet sweet two year old has a very fun older sister who's about six. i had babysat both her and her sister in the past, and it was only when they were around their parents and not getting jealous of one another that i realized how free-spirited and absolutely fun this six year old girl really was. she managed to get her hands on my purple wig and had a great time putting it on everyone who was at the party, herself included. all in all, it made everyone laugh and have an awesome time.

this post is dedicated to her. the world does need a little (a lot!) more sweetness, but people also need to just kick back, be themselves, and have fun sometimes too.

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  1. And the purple wig returns... Hopefully Sam didn't think it was real this time.

    Wow I adore the first one and the two kick one!!! Can I put them on our blog's sidebar? I might have to put that toe-kick one as my background!



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