fred flare

my Fred Flare wishlist is as follows:

Prairie Flower Messenger Tote - $ 42 - because i'm really into florals this year.

Braided Claudette Necklace - $16 - i need some more statement necklaces. badly.

Crimson & Clover Leather Jacket - $150 - how gorgeous is this leather jacket? it's so feminine, but it's leather so that makes it super versatile, too. and it kind of reminds me of a tulip.

Polaroid Notes - $14.95 - *drool* stationary and polaroids. two of my favorite things!

Anime Flower Ring Set - $10 - i love me some bright and funky rings. =]

I Love Macarons - $15.95 - probably one of prettiest/cutest pieces of food you will ever see. also one of the yummiest.

Scalloped Elegantine Skirt - $45 - i'm in love with this skirt. i don't know if it's the scallops or the color or the length...but i'm in love with it. and it would look awesome with that crimson & clover leather jacket!

Recession Coin Purse - $8 - a little ironic to buy a recession coin purse, huh? maybe i'll whip one up on my sewing machine. i don't think my friends could find a way to tease me about that...


  1. yes! i definitely almost bought that coin purse until i spend too much at urban outfitters. loooove it. please make me one too? haha

  2. The leather jacket and the skirt are so gorgeous! Btw don't forget to enter the beauty giveaway at my blog :) x Sushi

  3. That skirt is amazing what a fantastic color! I also really like that coin purse, I think I'd smile everytime I pulled it out of my bag.

  4. Thats not a refrence to the horse thing is it?



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