etsy: sophie blackall

Sophie Blackall has the most adorable paintings/prints. some of them are quirky, some of them are beautiful, but all of them are original and lovable. i love words and letters combined with pictures (a type of multimedia, if you will) and Blackall has it mastered. i realize "quirky" things are really popular right now, and taking that into account, i don't get a fad feeling at all when i browse through the artwork with titles like "Hairy Bearded Swimmer" and "We Shared a Bear Suit." once i've finally gotten around to re-doing my room i plan on putting at least one of her prints on my wall. Blackall's work just evokes such a cozy feeling. it gives me warm fuzzies! and i'm a big fan of warm fuzzies.

(tip: click on the images to view them larger so you can read the print on them without straining your peepers)


  1. i love all of these!!
    simply adorable!

    and i love your new header!!

  2. thanks! i'm obsessively tweaking it every five minutes haha. time to go watch Veronica Mars reruns and stop being a perfectionist! =]

  3. These are such adorable prints!
    And you, my dear, have one of the cutest blogs my eyeballs have ever had the pleasure of eyeballing.

    As a side note, Amelie is my favorite movie of all time, too!

  4. these are lovely illustrations/prints.

  5. Ahhhh. I found her Missed Connections blog recently. Love it. Those bits in the local newspaper break my heart.

  6. Wow how did you find these? Which one is your favorite!?!? I bet you know which one is mine... The book one and the canoe one seem like you but the "When I Put Your Coat Up..." one looks like you and Sam!

  7. thank you Bee! i had no idea she had a blog so i googled it and i love it! i'm such a sucker for finding awesome new blogs. =] but who isn't?

    Lou - yeah, the book one is my favorite. and the laundry mat one. so CUTE! and Sam does look like that! but my nose is larger than hers. and i'm about as tall as Sam...



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