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guess who got Marie Claire Maison? yes. me! it's getting me thinking about colors and rooms and household items like never before. it's also providing endless inspiration for pretty much everything. who knew looking at rooms could be so stimulating? i mean, i've always loved houses and decorating rooms, but i've never put much thought into it. i just slap up whatever i like and it all seems to go together (well, i might be kidding myself that it goes together...) so nicely. maybe that's the look i like the best. kind of folksy and flea-market-ish. oh! and super colorful. all of these pictures i absolutely adore. i wouldn't mind living in any of them. in fact, i would really really like it. man. i have some serious house lust right now! ahhhgg i need to stop drooling over interior design...this is almost as bad as when i'm in IKEA...


  1. ...........did someone say IKEA?!

    houses are fun, i think thtey are more fun than fashion :) i just recently painted my floor in an off white high gloss.... best thing i've ever done! all scandinavian countries have it sorted... (i think they have a special gene bred into them to make them stylish) google 'swedish apartment' for more ideas :)

    thanks so much for your comments lulu, im so glad you like my work!

    happy decorating xx

  2. i adore your blog. these pictures are wonderful!

  3. oh all these photos inspire me to decorate!!
    i love them all! how fun!

  4. i love the first kitchen mucho mucho! ooooh and i have some of these photos saved in an inspiration folder. i guess we have good taste:)

  5. Such yummy photos! I'm forever buying interior magazines, I love peeking into beautiful houses and admiring styling.

    Speaking of homes : ) I've invited you to play along with a tag I've received. Pop over to Three Buttons to see the game, I hope you can play along!!

  6. love these images, so inspiring. looking inside people's houses is one of my favourite pastimes



  7. If we ever end up living together our flat-decorating is going to be perfect! I'll request a feild office in Portland. How's that sound?



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