(1/21/10: there are actually people reading my blog! YOU are reading my blog! thank you! you have no idea how much this means to me. i love going through blogs. they inspire me so much, there are so many creative people out there. i find it absolutely wonderful (overwhelmingly so!). anyways...just updating this. =] i figured it was needed)

i highly doubt anyone out there is reading this. i promise though, if you are, i'm not usually a glass half empty kind of person! i just figured...well...so many people...so many blogs. so i guess this is more personal than anything. public and personal. i need things to be said. nothing life changing or anything, but sometimes i just need to say them. these things. this is what this blog is for. kind of like an open diary. so pardon my blurting out random things like "oh crap, my cat just clawed my toe" and the like.

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hi! i'm Lena, but you can call me Lulu. i love Frida Kahlo, feminism, art, reading, kitties, and drinking tea. i love the film Amelie and i think that the tiny traveling gnome has stolen my heart. i want to own a bookshop and live above it one day. i get quite passionate about things. i tend to think too much. i'm kind of a hermit.

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